How do we assemble this popular blend with Handisimo cutting dies?

First we have to cut 10 pcs. of the strips, 2 pcs. circles, 1 pc. heart and 2 pcs. from the punch a circle with a heart.

We fold the small strips as shown in the photo. We cut out one protruding heart :) :), in order to get a circle with 5 small round holes, this part will be on the innermost side and will not be visible.

We take the 5 parts of the donuts and put glue between the two rulers, as shown in the picture. We put glue first on the side where the lines are more centrally located.

Glue the small strips as follows:

Then we turn and put glue on the other side between the rulers and glue the other 5 strips.

Turn the donuts over again and take the circle with the 5 holes and a heart.

We pierce the five strips in the round holes:

Straighten the strips so that they are not folded and arrange along the length of the circle. We make sure that each one is on top of the previous one, so that the aperture can then open and close without any problems:

We also take the second circle, whose heart we cut out. We pierce the strips again and straighten them so that they are not folded:

We put glue in the indicated places, being careful not to stick any of the strips, in reality they should move calmly so that the mechanism can be easily opened.

We take one of the circles and straighten the inner circles, pressing lightly so that it sticks where there is glue.

Turn over on the other side, add glue again in the same places and lightly press the last circle:

We glue the heart and slightly move the mechanism until it starts to move freely. And that's it ! You can find the cutting dies HERE