Most people start scrapbooking to capture and store their precious memories. Some want to remember a special trip or event by "telling" it in pages, others want to create a unique and unique gift or just appreciate beauty and love to create things as a hobby. There are many reasons, but the result is one - you imperceptibly fall in love with a vast art that brings you personal satisfaction and you manage to make someone smile, even if you are yourself.

Before we begin to list the necessary things to start creating pages for your own or someone else's history, you need to think about exactly what you want to "say" with your work. Very often the answer to this question inspires us and includes much more than photos - on the pages we express emotions, thoughts and feelings that make the story unique and memorable. One of my favorite projects is the album about an unforgettable trip to Scotland. A huge part of the album consists of various tickets from visited landmarks, maps and badges of different cities, even a stone from my favorite Urquhart Castle J. . So think about how to make your album even more amazing.

Where to start if we are beginners?

- Choosing the type of materials is a fundamental step in assembling a scrapbook album. The main component in your works is the paper - cardboard, designer papers or cardboards, etc., you need to determine what weight you need, with what texture, color and size to be.

- Once you decide on an option, the next step is to determine the budget you have for your project. The price of the materials varies and depends on many factors - for example, whether you will create a decoration yourself or use it ready-made.

- Then comes the most enjoyable part of the whole process - creating the heart of your story, telling it on individual pages. How exactly you design the individual pages now depends on your own style, which you have to discover and develop through numerous experiments, some of which may not be so satisfying. J But even a poor performance of a project can be a source of knowledge, as in life.

- The last part is the 'assembling' of the individual chapters (pages) of your story into one album.

Pleasant creation J