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27 Oct Wedding invitation with wax sealing
handisimo 0 983
Today we share with you an idea for a beautiful invitation with our new stamps Metal seal for wax - Crown...
01 Sep How to assemble an camera blend die from Handisimo?
handisimo 146 4967
How do we assemble this popular blend with Handisimo cutting dies?First we have to cut 10 pcs. of the strips, 2 pcs. circles, 1 pc. heart and 2 pcs. from the punch a circle with a heart.We fold the small strips as shown in the photo. We cut out one protruding heart :) :), in order to get a circle wi..
24 Aug How to use discount code in orders?
handisimo 66 5159
We at Handisimo love to give discounts to our customers to show them how much we value their opinion.We appreciate the time you take to make us even better with your opinions and suggestions.How to take advantage of the promo codes that we send you by email?-> Log in to your profilehttps://handisimo..
12 Jun You love originality and uniqueness - start with scrapbooking!
handisimo 80 3382
Most people start scrapbooking to capture and store their precious memories. Some want to remember a special trip or event by "telling" it in pages, others want to create a unique and unique gift or just appreciate beauty and love to create things as a hobby. There are many reasons, but the result i..
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